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The beautiful, peaceful yet lively village of Saint Gengoux has a long history. The listed village dates from the middle ages. In many places in the village centre one can see architectural details that bear witness to this long history.

At the village heart is the church - originally a Romanesque church built by monks from Cluny. In the 19th century the famous architect Violet-le-Duc renovated large parts of the building. Also in the village centre is a beautifully restored communal laundry washing basin (lavoir).

Facilities in the village

Although the village has only about a thousand inhabitants, there are many shops, some cafés and restaurants with terraces and many other facilities. The village serves as an administrative centre for the region. There are, for instance, schools, the town hall (Mairie) with public library, some café's, post office, a bank, doctors, a veterinarian, a Tourist Office (Office du Tourisme), etc.

In the village centre is a small supermarket, and on the other side of the village is a large supermarket with a petrol (gasoline) station.

On the morning of every first and third Tuesday of the month there is a market with a good selection of local quality produce. During the summer months there is a market  every Tuesday.


Southern Burgundy has much to offer, but is particularly renowned for its rich cuisine and excellent wines. In the often centuries-old vineyards mostly the grape varieties pinot noir (red) and chardonnay (white) are grown.

The beautiful landscape is green and hilly, with picturesque old villages. Vineyards, pastures and grain fields with the occasional forested area dot the region. The vineyards are often bordered with old ocher yellow stone walls, occasionally partially collapsed.

The old houses are often built of this beautiful irregular stone, mined from quarries in the region. While frequently hidden at a field's edge, a hiker or cyclist often happens on an old cadole - the small dry stone shelters built in earlier centuries for vineyard workers.

There are many attractive hiking- and cyclinp paths.

In the meadows one often sees the white Charolais beef cattle - a local breed known for its excellent meat quality

If you have an interest in Romanesque cultural heritage, then this is the place for you. This region has the highest density of Romanesque churches in France. Traces of the rich history of Burgundy are abundant in the ancient abbeys, Romanesque churches, unusual castles, lavoirs and fortified farms - sometimes only a ruin or in need of repair, sometimes beautifully restored, but always emanating a sense of calm and serenity.

There are many beautiful old towns and cities in the area to visit, such as Beaune, Cluny, Chalon and Tournus. The large cities of Dijon and Lyon (both only about 100 km away) have much to offer the tourist and are worth a daytrip.

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street behind the church tower near Place Neuve streetview in the village architectural detail in Saint Gengoux vineyard near Saint Gengoux a nearby landscape