About 10 kilometers south of Saint Gengoux, situated on a hill, lies the village of Taizé. This village is known worldwide for its international ecumenical monastic community established in the middle of the last century by Roger Schutz, better known as Brother Roger, or Frčre Roger 

Frčre Roger
Frčre Roger, a Protestant of Swiss origin, was convinced that searching for God "together" to be of primary importance. By "together"  he meant that people of all Christian denominations should not be divided in their pursuit of God, but should seek reconciliation in this search.

From this conviction the brotherhood of Taizé was born. It is a monastic community where about one hundred Catholic and Protestant brothers from thirty countries live and worship together in a strict monastic rhythm.

The Community of Taizé (Communtauté de Taizé) attracts every year over 100.000, mostly young, visitors from around the world and of all faiths. They are Catholic, Reformed, Orthodox, evangelical and even non-believing people. By praying and singing together they search for God and the peace and tranquility that Brother Roger also sought after.

Visitors usually stay a week or more, sleeping in tents or in barracks - boys separated from girls. It is not only the fun in fellowship, but primarily the opportunity for encounter and reflection. Visitors rotate into a strict rhythm of three daily prayer services with repetitive meditative singing, a daily Bible study, a daily discussion group, and an hour of household chores. 

Everybody who is interested can participate in one or more of the daily church services  -    a unique spiritual experience for anyone who is open for it.

for more information:  www.taize.fr

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youth gathering the old village church where frčre Roger is buried