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Welcome to the website of our holiday home 'Fleury' 

a lovely cottage in the south of Burgundy                      (2 - 4 persons)                                

Fleury is our comfortable vacation home (a so-called  gîte ) situated on the edges of the beautiful old village of Saint Gengoux le National in the south of Burgundy.
It is equipped with all the modern comforts in a decorative style that faintly echoes the past.

The small but lively village of Saint Gengoux, the rich history and culture of Burgundy, the wine, gastronomy and beautiful hilly area full of hiking and cycling opportunities form an attractive combination.

St. Gengoux is located about 370 kilometers SSE of Paris - a convenient and easy drive. The region is largely undiscovered by mass tourism as most people continue further along the Autoroute du Soleil to the busy and hot south of France - often unaware of the beauty and peace they pass by.

The residents of this area are quiet and friendly. They have a kind and open attitude to visitors - also when these visitors do come from other countries.

The climate in the south of Burgundy is a temperate continental climate. I.e., summers are warmer and winters colder than for example in the UK and the Netherlands. The number of hours of sunshine, however, is much greater than in these countries and there is a smaller chance of rainfall.
For current weather conditions see: www.meteofrance.fr

For more information on southern Burgundy see:  www.southernburgundy.com

In the following sections of this website you will find further information about what this holiday home and its surroundings in Burgundy have to offer.

                                           Vacation home Fleury
                        a wonderful place for a carefree longer holiday,
                          but even so for a short stay of just one week

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view at the village vineyards near the village